What to wear for indoor cycling?

Decided to give indoor cycling a try or maybe you're already cycling regularly?

That's awesome!

Because indoor cycling comes with many benefits, which you can read about in our article "Why Indoor Cycling Should Be Your New Favorite Workout".

The right outfit for your cycling workout

Indoor cycling is a sweaty workout, so your choice of clothing should be chosen accordingly.

You should avoid any kind of cotton products, because they absorb sweat and feel wet and uncomfortable on the skin. Instead, use performance materials that are air-permeable and sweat-absorbent.

Breathable and sweat wicking

Your sports top should be tight-fitting to allow you more freedom of movement on the bike. Long and loose shirts only swing uncomfortably in the bent-over position and can get caught on the handlebars or the resistance.

You should also avoid low necklines on the bike, as you are usually bent forward during the workout and quickly allow too much insight.

Tip: With the Classic RIDE Bra by RERYTE you are optimally equipped. It is high-cut, has extra space under the axles and offers you medium support thanks to the comfortable tight-fitting waistband.

Few seams and light padding

With the pants you should make sure that you have few seams that can come into contact with the saddle. Because these can chafe uncomfortably and leave their mark even after the workout.

In addition, the material should fit snugly and, like the top, be breathable and sweat-absorbent.

A pad in the pants prevents unpleasant pressure points and friction on the saddle. If you're into regular cycling workouts, it makes sense to invest in high-quality padded leggings to prevent bruising or chafing.

Tip: The Classic RIDE Tights have a light padding that is not visible from the outside. The material is soft and breathable. The high waist cut has a figure shaping effect.

What about the shoes?

You should also think about shoes with a click system as soon as you plan a regular workout. With cleats you are firmly in the pedal and can distribute the force better on the pedal. With this you can prevent cramps or feet falling asleep during the workout.   

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