The passion for indoor cycling and the birth of RERYTE

Indoor cycling causes many people to break out in a sweat before they even sit on the bike. But not for Claudia, the founder of RERYTE. She has made exactly this group sport her passion and has been sitting on the trainer bike herself since 2009.

As an indoor cycling trainer you combine sweat and fun

It all started with her training as an indoor cycling trainer. Through contacts, she was made aware of a gym in 2009 that was looking for new trainers for group classes. And although she had never sat on an indoor cycling bike until then, she accepted the challenge and started the training.

On the very first day, this cluelessness proved to be her undoing, as the 4 hours of hands-on practice on the bike did make itself physically felt. Nevertheless, it was a matter of gritting her teeth and passing the test, because Claudia could hardly wait to sit on the trainer's bike and motivate her own participants to top performance.

Armed with a well-planned spinning playlist and an exciting course profile, she headed into her first lesson. Then, as the beat of the music boomed through her body and the adrenaline kicked in, she was hooked. Since then, Claudia has been on the bike almost weekly.


Reryte Founder Indoor Cycling

Indoor Cycling as a perfect balance to the stressful everyday life.

But "back then" indoor cycling was more a passion than a profession. She worked as a management consultant for several years and was on the road a lot. Pedaling on the bike brought her back down in stressful phases. "All I have to do is lash the pedals to my shoe and my head feels freer," smiles the founder. Not to mention the health benefits! Regular spinning workouts get you in top shape because they not only strengthen the cardiovascular system, but also tone the thigh muscles. The joint-gentle aspect is also one of the reasons why indoor cycling is something for almost everyone.

For example, Claudia has always found indoor cycling to be the ideal balance to her job. But at some point she realized that the part-time job on the bike was no longer enough for her. The need to turn her passion into a profession kept growing inside her, so in 2019 she decided to pursue this dream at full throttle. She never lacked for ideas: whether spinning events, retreats or her own studio...

Beautiful cycling clothing for more training fun

But one question kept coming up during the brainstorming: Why did cycling
clothing always have to conform to a typical pattern? Why aren't there beautiful cycling shorts that don't even look like typical cycling shorts?

The thought of aesthetically, beautiful indoor cycling clothes grew more and more and gradually developed into a concrete plan:

Claudia wanted to revolutionize the indoor cycling market and create the first indoor cycling apparel brand. She had a clear vision of functional clothing in a great design and made of sustainable fabrics. Nothing makes a brand more authentic than a startup that is not created because it is demanded by the market, but because the founder himself discovered in his passion what hurdles there are and with what you can enrich the market. Since Claudia's Cycling clothing is also full of heart and background knowledge, it makes her an indispensable contact point and expert in the field. During the development phase, it quickly became clear what RERYTE should stand for:

- Functionality: the cycling shorts are not only quick-drying and offer supportive compression, they are even equipped with an invisible pad on the bottom to counteract pain in the buttocks.

- Sustainability: The fabrics come from selected suppliers and are sustainably produced in Europe under fair working conditions.

- Design: visually, the bike wear stands out from conventional bike shorts and leggings. They are stylish and modern. In addition, padding is invisible.
So after the clear vision, here we are a year later and we are at the founding of Reryte. By the way, the name is derived from RE for Revolution and RYTE for RIDE. Let's revolutionize indoor cycling.

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