Quality promises at RERYTE

Nowadays you can often find fashionable clothes for a small budget, but after a few weeks they already end up in the old clothes collection. The reason for this is the poor quality of the fabrics and workmanship. The garments quickly lose their shape and structure. This also changes our consumer behavior - if a top only lasts a season, a new one is needed quickly. 

Fast fashion at the discounters

The discounters have already adapted to this behavioral change and are constantly launching new collections on the market. So-called fast fashion. Fast in the store and fast out of the closet.

Unfortunately, this is absolutely not sustainable or eco-friendly.

Quality promises at RERYTE


Long-lasting designs at RERYTE

That's why we at RERYTE prefer to focus on long-lasting garments and designs. We only use high-quality materials that don't lose their shape or color when worn and washed. Our sewing facility is located in Europe and works to strict quality specifications so that we can keep our promise to our customers at all times. Before a piece goes into production, several prototypes are made to find the perfect cut and fit. With us, there's no constant pulling up or pulling down. Our garments fit. We take our time and check our set criteria several times and go back a step if we have to.

That means if you get yourself a RERYTE outfit, you will have something for a long time. Durable fashion produced sustainably conscious and under fair conditions in Europe.

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