Why indoor cycling should be your new favorite workout

At RERYTE, we have long been convinced that indoor cycling is the perfect sport for everyone. If you're still thinking about why you should start indoor cycling, you've come to the right place. We give you 5 good reasons why you should start now. 

1. High calorie consumption

One of the most important reasons for indoor cycling - calorie consumption. The sport is known to burn up to 1,000 kcal per hour (depending on weight and training level). This is because in indoor cycling you have many short periods of exertion followed by recovery periods. This interval training makes this group sports one of the most effective sports when it comes to weight loss. 

2. Switch off

In indoor cycling, the focus is on the music and the exercises themselves are usually very trivial. This allows our consciousness to switch off from time to time and create a little free space in our minds. Similar to meditation, we can let our thoughts pass and let the music and the movements guide us. After a busy day, we can lower our stress levels. Indoor cycling is all about having fun and riding in a group gives you that extra kick of motivation.

Indoor Cycling

3. Full body workout

Contrary to most preconceptions that indoor cycling is only for the legs, this group sport is actually a full-body workout. Especially the abdominal, back and shoulder muscles are additionally stressed when performed correctly. 

4. Easy on the joints

Indoor cycling is a sport that is easy on the joints, as there are no impact movements on the joints (as in jogging, for example) and there is constant pressure on the knees due to the flywheel. The simple movement pattern, alternating between standing and sitting, avoids any risk of injury to participants. However, Injuries should always be discussed with the trainer prior to the class in order to coordinate an individual workout plan.

5. General fitness improvement

There is no question that such an effective workout also entails the improvement of your overall fitness. Already after the first 3-4 classes you notice an increase in your fitness level. If the first hour was still barely doable, the fourth hour already feels much easier. This is also due to the fact that with indoor cycling you can set your own pace and do not have to adhere to the training level of others. 

We hope that we could bring you a little closer to the group sport of indoor cycling! Who now has the desire to try the sport yourself, is best to book a trial lesson in a boutique studio in your area. 

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