Behind the scenes from our first photo shoot

Soon the time has come - the prototype is ready, the website is under construction and the production has already been commissioned. The sale can start soon and the first pictures must come, so that the online store can be filled with life. So it's decided, we are planning the first photo shoot. 

Freezing temperatures in Düsseldorf

It's mid-December, just before Christmas, and the weather is not necessarily on our side. The cold wind whistles around our ears and the rain does not hold back either. But somehow we have to get through it now and get the outfits on the pictures.

For the appropriate setting we chose a beautiful concrete wall, because we did not want to use a white background for the first shoot. We even transported an indoor cycling bike there to show the clothes in action.

Photoshoot on Indoor Cycling Bike

Keeping warm with squats and plank

While Felix, the photographer, is still setting up the lamps, Claudia is allowed to warm up with squats and planks. And then it starts: jacket off, in position and warm thoughts. Freddy holds the lampshades during the shooting, otherwise they would be taken away by the wind. 

After the stills, Claudia gets to jump on the bike again. Put in some resistance and pedal hard - so she can at least get a little warmer on the bike. 

Indoor Cycling in the club Oh Baby Anna

Atmosphere in the club Oh Baby Anna

After about two hours we have successfully completed the outdoor part. Just in time, because it starts to rain properly. So off we go to the club Oh Baby Anna, in Düsseldorf's old town. Since Corona, the dance floor is currently only used for indoor cycling classes. 

After a short lunch break with currywurst and fries, we went into the second part. Here we wanted to take a few more atmosphere pictures for the website and Instagram account.

We finished in the early afternoon and are all super happy with the results of our first photo shoot. 

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